Boy Erased Cinematography (with Edu Grau)

Edu Grau is the Barcelona born cinematographer whoโ€™s unique vision inspired the simple and sophisticated look of Boy Erased. Edu joins Go Creative Show Host and commercial director Ben Consoli to discuss Eduโ€™s working relationship with director Joel Edgerton, creating authentic visuals to depict conversion therapy programs, his love of 16mm film and the beauty of stained glass.

You will learn:

  • The cinematography of Boy Erased
  • Working with Joel Edgerton
  • Lighting with stained glass
  • The challenges of simple lighting
  • Mixing 16mm and 35mm together
  • Depicting the Conversion Therapy programs
  • The relationship between director of photographer and gaffer
  • Edu’s work on the film A Single Man
  • Working with Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe
  • and much more



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