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American Horror Story (With Michael Goi and Matt Allard

Today we speak with Michael Goi, ASC, Director of Photography for American Horror Story. Michael shares his experiences as a former ASC president, shooting Glee, The New Normal, Amerian Horror Story and directing his film Megan is Missing. Plus Matt Allard from NewsShooter.com joins us to talk about the KiniMax 6K camera, the Panasonic 4K Varicam and more.

You Will Learn:

  • Why Michael Goi is breaking all the rules
  • Michaels in-camera philosophy
  • How he lights to support what the characters are thinking and feeling
  • Making the move to LA
  • Shooting Glee
  • Becoming ASC president
  • His early years shooting documentaries
  • Shooting a pilot vs. shooting a series
  • Why is film easier than video
  • And much more.



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