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Avatar: The Way of Water Cinematography (with Russell Carpenter ASC)

AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER director of photography Russell Carpenter ASC talks with Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli about the making of the film and using the custom-made 3D Sony Venice. Russell also dives deep into the underwater motion capture system, the process of virtual filmmaking, lighting in a virtual world and so much more. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Russell’s thoughts on critics (02:40)
  • Filming the incredible underwater scenes with motion capture (07:37)
  • Why Russell decided to film with the Sony Venice (15:28)
  • Deep dive into the lighting of AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER (26:09)
  • Was the Sony Venice Rialto born from AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER? (33:10)
  • Filming at 48 frames per second (37:44)
  • The cinematographer’s role in a VFX-heavy film (43:10)
  • AVATAR’s production workflow explained (52:16)
  • Why it’s important for filmmakers to embrace new technology (01:01:07)
  • And more!

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