Commercial Directing (with Miguel Campaña)

Miguel Campaña is a commercial director for some of the largest brands and ad agencies in the world. He works with Landia, the top Spanish-speaking production house, in Los Angeles. Miguel joins Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli to discuss his creative process, the responsibility of advertising, tips for creating better directors treatments and the delicate relationship between director, advertising agency and client.

What you will learn in this episode

  • What is a commercial director responsible for on set
  • The creative process for commercial directing
  • The agency / client relationship
  • How to find new commercial clients
  • When to hire a director representative or agent
  • What makes a controversial advertising campaign
  • Directing commercials vs features
  • Creating rough cuts in the field for editors
  • The responsibility of filmmaking
  • Finding/working with new clients
  • Tips for creating better director’s treatment
  • and much more



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