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Creative Anarchy (With Paul Maibaum, DP of Sons of Anarchy)

Today we speak with Paul Maibaum ASC, director of photography for the hit tv series “Sons of Anarchy” we discuss everything including, lighting techniques, paul’s camera choices, the impact of 4K and more. Plus we cover all the latest industry news including the Canon C100 autofocus update and the release of Ben’s first music video.

You Will Learn:

  • Shooting Sons of Anarchy
  • Lighting techniques: Drama Vs. Comedy
  • Shooting with Arri Alexa
  • Most challenging and rewarding moments on Sons of Anarchy
  • Post production and color grading workflow
  • The impact of 4K on the television industry
  • How Bing-Watching has changed TV
  • Growing up as the song of a famous film writer
  • And much more.



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The PremiumBeat.com Song of the Week

  • Listen to this week’s full track here: To The Future by Max Brodie

Hands of Time from Ben Consoli BC Media Productions on Vimeo.