Defending Jacob and Game of Thrones Cinematography (with Jonathan Freeman)

Learn how cinematographer Jonathan Freeman ASC created the cool, dramatic shots of DEFENDING JACOB for Apple TV+ and filmed classic episodes of GAME OF THRONES.

Jonathan and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss what he looks for when reviewing scripts, his visual and lighting approach to DEFENDING JACOB, using VR technology for GAME OF THRONES, the infamous Starbucks coffee cup shot, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Becoming the cinematographer of DEFENDING JACOB (01:37)
  • What to look for in a script (03:29)
  • Benefits of working with one director the entire series (06:35)
  • Visual approach of contemporary vs period pieces (08:22)
  • Approach to lighting for DEFENDING JACOB (11:26)
  • What it’s like working for Apple TV+ (15:51)
  • Jonathan’s experience filming in Boston (17:47)
  • The show’s cool visual approach (20:40)
  • Approach to lighting the knife reveal scene (31:36)
  • Camera and lens package (37:16)
  • Discussing the color science of using blue tones (42:59)
  • Jonathan’s work on GAME OF THRONES (44:32)
  • His favorite scenes he shot in Game of Thrones (51:23)
  • The infamous Starbucks coffee cup (58:55)
  • And more!

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