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Designing Ghostbusters Afterlife (with Francois Audouy)

GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE — with its incredible sets, props, and the infamous Ecto-1 car — have given movie lovers the nostalgic and entertaining blockbuster they have been waiting for. Production designer Francois Audouy explains his approach to designing films, and how attention to detail and practical sets made GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE a massive success.

Francois and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss how the original film inspired him, Francois’ love for practical locations vs sets, recreating the Ecto-1 car, filming car chase scenes, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Achieving high audience expectations (02:04)
  • Benefits of shooting on location (05:47)
  • Building the farmhouse set from a dilapidated barn (10:01)
  • Backstory through production design (20:49)
  • Inspiration from the original film (25:15)
  • Designing practical Ecto-1 cars (28:53)
  • Filming the car chase on location (37:46)
  • Filming the Walmart scene (39:09)
  • Designing the Mountain Tomb (40:47)
  • Building a set from scratch (44:13)
  • Tips for aspiring production designers (49:14)
  • And more!

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