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Dune Cinematography (with Greig Fraser ACS ASC)

DUNE, with its stunning cinematography and epic sets, was packed with unique challenges for director of photography Greig Fraser ACS ASC — including filming in whipping sands and lighting football field sized sets. 

Greig and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss discuss how he balances epic and intimate, his techniques for large night exteriors, embracing the shadows and Greig’s unique film transfer process that jumps from digital to film and back again.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Treating every movie like an indie (01:48)
  • Taking on projects you fear (05:27)
  • Soft lighting for interiors (11:09)
  • Lighting sandy exteriors (16:18)
  • Visual approach to DUNE (18:26)
  • Film to digital transfer process (21:36)
  • Balancing epicness with intimacy (29:04)
  • Sand worm collaboration with VFX (33:27)
  • Having actors’ faces in shadow (38:10)
  • Viewing DUNE in theaters vs HBO Max (43:32)
  • Most challenging scene (46:56)
  • How the floating lights were filmed (51:15)
  • Lighting for night exteriors (54:09)
  • And more!

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