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Fargo Season 4 Cinematography (with Dana Gonzales ASC)

Fargo Season 4 Cinematographer and Director Dana Gonzales ASC masterfully re-creates 1950s Kansas City with an alluring Kodachrome revival. Learn how Dana blends vintage Astro Berlin and modern Zeiss Supreme lenses with a fine-tuned recipe of stylized filters to create the shows look. 

Dana and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss season 4 visual references, recreating Kodachrome, Autochrome and Tri-X film stocks, Dana’s experience directing Chris Rock and an A-list cast, creating the vintage mugshot look, filming black and white , and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Unique challenges of an anthology series (01:34)
  • Approach to Fargo season 4 (06:10)
  • Working with an A-list cast (09:14)
  • The amount of prep involved in creating season 4’s visual style (15:28)
  • Recreating the Kodachrome look (24:42)
  • Approach to lighting (40:54)
  • Creating the mugshots look in season 4 (43:55)
  • Shooting on the Alexa mini LF (46:47)
  • Filming an episode in black and white (51:30)
  • Transitioning from cinematographer to director (01:03:18)
  • Directing Chris Rock and other talent (01:12:42)
  • Directing internal power struggles with characters (01:19:21)
  • Advice for aspiring cinematographers (01:24:43)
  • And more!

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