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Fear Street Cinematography (with Caleb Heymann)

Imagine having only six weeks to prep for an entire movie trilogy, each one having its own distinct look. That was exactly the reality for cinematographer Caleb Heymann with Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy.

Caleb and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss relying on candles and sunlight for the 1666 movie, creating that incredible bread machine kill scene, how to deal with the challenges of neon colored lighting, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Having only 6 weeks to prep 3 films (01:01)
  • Adapting quickly as a cinematographer (08:43)
  • Relying on candles and sunlight for 1666 (11:00)
  • Using filtration with the Alexa Mini for 1666 (17:17)
  • Filming 1666 without practical lights (22:35)
  • 1994’s horror movie inspiration (28:38)
  • Creating the bread machine kill scene (35:20)
  • Challenges of using neon lighting on set (42:24)
  • Characteristics you get with vintage lenses (49:50)
  • HALLOWEEN style visual approach for 1978 (53:45)
  • And more!

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