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Filmmaking From All Fronts (With James Franklin, Dave Basulto, Chris Byers)

Today we discuss filmmaking from all front. Dave Basulto introduces us to his revolutionary iOgrapher kit that turns your iPad into a mobile filmmaking unit, James Franklin from Assemble talks about how to promote, distribute and profit from your indi film and Chris Byers chats about the opening of New England Studio, the new home of east coast major film and television production.

You Will Learn:

  • Dave Basulto talks about his revolutionary iOgrapher mobile filmmaking kit
  • James Franklin from Assemble talks about how his company will help you build and audience, distribute and profit from your film.
  • Chris Byers, the Director of Studio Operations at New England Studios chats about how he got major motion pictures and tv shows to produce in Boston
  • Why teen’s with iPhones are your competition
  • Make money from your short film
  • Could New England be the new Hollywood
  • And much more.



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