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Finch Cinematography (with Jo Willems ASC SBC)

Discover how FINCH cinematographer Jo Willems ASC SBC overcame the challenges of filming the relationship between Tom Hanks, a dog, and a motion capture robot.

Jo and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss the film’s unique look and creating intimacy with the camera. Learn how Jo filmed the desert scenes practically, the decision to shoot handheld, embracing lens artifacts, and so much more.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Intimacy through cinematography (00:53)
  • Warm inviting approach to lighting the bunker (10:47)
  • Ignoring negative reviews (14:04)
  • Finch visual approach and references (17:03)
  • Filming desert scenes practically (19:38)
  • Heavily artifacting the lenses (25:21)
  • Challenges with filming an actual RV (30:56)
  • Filming a motion capture suit while handheld (34:02)
  • VFX approach of the robotChallenges of filming dogs (40:58)
  • Why night exteriors are so difficult (45:21)
  • And more!

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