Sharknado (with Vashi Nedomansky and Matt Allard) GCS039

Sharknado (with Vashi Nedomansky and Matt Allard)


Today we speak with film editor, Vashi Nedomansky his wildly successful campy mega-hit, Sharknado 2. Plus Matt Allard from joins us to discuss all the latest industry news.

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Vashi Nedomansky returns to Go Creative Show to share stories from his recent mega-hit Sharknado 2. We discuss his editing strategies, the special effects workflow, the intense 6-week edit schedule and all the ridiculous campy insanity that made Sharknado 2 an instant classic. Vashi also talks about his recent documentary on PTSD, his upcoming film Headlock and his hugely successful blog at In the past few years, Vashi has become one of the go-to post production super stars in our industry and iā€™m so happy to have him back.

  • The genius of Sharknado
  • How to properly edit CAMP
  • The juicy cameos of Sharknado
  • Special effects workflow
  • FCP7 to Premiere
  • Shooting in the rain
  • Vashi’s new documentary That Which I Love Destroys Me
  • Vashi’s next film “Headlock”/span>
  • Why is the blog at do damn fun to follow
  • and more…



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