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7 Deadly Sins (with Zak Mulligan and Matt Allard)

Today we speak Zak Mulligan, award winning cinematographer and director of photography for feature films, commercials, music videos and the brilliant new Morgan Spurlock documentary series, 7 Deadly Sins on Showtime. We discuss his gear and lighting package, his experiences screening films at Sundance, being nominated for an Academy Award and all the shooting and lighting techniques that make 7 Deadly Sins a visual powerhouse. Plus Matt Allard from NewsShooter.com joins us to discuss the hottest news in our production industry.

You Will Learn:

  • Lighting to be dark
  • What does it REALLY mean to be an Academy Award nominee
  • A passion for documentary
  • How Ted and Hollis got started in comedy
  • Zak’s experience screening a film at Sundance
  • Getting a film on Netflix
  • Why Zak loves the MOVI
  • Why sometimes the best lighting could be no lighting
  • Making boring subjects look amazing
  • and more…



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