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Monster Makeup (with Frank Ippolito)

Today we discuss “Monster Makeup” with special effects makeup artist Frank Ippolito. Frank shares stories from his work on films, television shows and his production company Ghost Works LLC. Frank also shares his techniques and what inspires him to create unique movie monsters. Then Matt Allard, ACS joins us to discuss all the latest industry news stories on NewsShooter.com.

You Will Learn:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Hollywood is a social scene
  • Joining the union
  • Designing a vampire in a new way
  • the differences and similarities of fashion and special effects makeup
  • How does his directing experience influence his makeup career.
  • His experiences on FACE OFF season 1 and 5
  • Frank’s work on Tested.com
  • His podcast CreatureGeeks
  • and more…



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