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Growing Your Filmmaking Career with YouTube (with Tyler Stalman)

Discover how to advance your filmmaking and photography career on YouTube and Instagram in our interview with YouTuber and podcaster Tyler Stalman.

Tyler and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss what it takes to stand out on YouTube, Tyler’s experience going from a stock photographer to freelance cinematographer, why it’s helpful to have a wide skillset of services, and much more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Tyler is successful with YouTube gear reviews (03:09)
  • Going from web developer to stock photographer to freelancer
  • Importance of having a wide skill set for freelancing (09:03)
  • Tyler’s experience as a stock photographer
  • Embracing smartphones for photography (21:33)
  • Is there a future for photography cameras? (24:49)
  • Transitioning from photography to cinematography (33:03)
  • The challenges of going from photography to cinematography (37:04)
  • Gear Tyler regrets buying (43:55)
  • Thoughts on Apple’s new Mac Pro (47:15)
  • What Tyler uses for photo and video editing (56:16)
  • Why 8K isn’t something Tyler is interested in for now (01:00:25)
  • Tips and strategies for having a successful social media presence (01:02:40)
  • And more!

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