Inside the Writers Room (with Adam Gaines) GCS090

Adam Gaines takes us inside the Hollywood writers room on this Go Creative Show


Adam Gaines is a writer for film, tv, theater, and comics and he’s here today to take us inside the Hollywood writers room.

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Spotlight: Adam Gaines

As a rising star in the Hollywood writers community, Adam Gaines has written for network television shows like NBC’s State of Affairs and the FX drama, The Bridge, and his story doesn’t end there because Adam has also written for feature films, theater, and even comics. Adam shares his story, starting at the bottom and working his way into the coveted writers room. And now that he’s there, he shares behind the scenes secrets of how some of your favorite shows and movies are made.

  • Why being dialog-heavy writer makes it harder to break into the industry
  • Why a writers assistant is not what you think
  • What happens when a show flops
  • The behind the scenes secrets of a “writers room”
  • What is the most coveted episode for a writer to work on
  • Adam’s upcoming film “Negative” directed by Josh Caldwell
  • How releasing Mixtape a free collection of 1-act plays, jumpstarted Adam’s career
  • Fire Sale is Adam’s latest collection of 1-act plays and it’s only $1
  • and much more!



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