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Kids, Animals and Tim Burton (with Stefan Czapsky)

Today i’m joined by cinematographer Stefan Czapsky to discuss his latest film Max and the strategies he employs to light and shoot animals and kids. Plus Stefan’s work with Tim Burton, shooting Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, Ed Wood and so much more.

You Will Learn:

  • Being a “process oriented” cinematographer what what that means.
  • What really happens when a film wraps
  • Working with animals and children in front of the camera.
  • Lighting and framing for the animal star in “Max”
  • Embracing technology and the evolution of LED lighting
  • The challenges with Stedicam
  • Working with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
  • “Shades of Blue” starring Jennifer Lopez
  • From Hollywood to the farmlands of upstate New York
  • How Steven Soderbergh and David Fincher ushered the digital revolution and changed cinema for the better
  • and more…



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