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Live from the Mass Media Expo Part 2

Our coverage of the Mass Media Expo was so HUGE we had to break it up into 2 episodes! Listen as host Ben Consoli and producers Matt Russell and Connor Crosby interview keynote speakers, panelists and representatives from some of the most influential media companies in New England. This is part 2 of a 2-part series.

Spotlight: Mass Media Expo Part 2

  • Ian Fox, Podcast Garage
  • Jack Lilburn and David Pietricola from Zero VFX
  • Bobbie Carlton, Carlton PR / Innovation Women
  • Steve Bizenov, Media Services
  • Nate McNiff
  • Irene Wachsler
  • John Rule from Rule Boston Camera
  • Tim Mangini, Senior Director of Production Technology at WGBH
  • and much more



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