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Makeup and Wardrobe (with Maya Landi and Nicole Coakley)

Maya Landi (hair and makeup artist) and Nicole Coakley (wardrobe stylist) join Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli to talk about the importance of having makeup and wardrobe departments on your productions. We discuss why EVERY shoot needs a makeup and wardrobe stylist, what problems can arise without them, and how they help your talent perform better on camera.  We also discuss how to persuade your clients to include makeup and wardrobe in their budget, and tips to break into the industry. 

What you will learn in this episode

  • Why makeup and wardrobe are crucial to production
  • What do makeup artists really do behind the scenes
  • Using makeup and wardrobe to get better performances from your talent
  • What problems can arise without having makeup or wardrobe
  • The horror stories of the makeup and wardrobe industry
  • How to convince clients to include makeup and wardrobe in your budget
  • Makeup tips and tricks for your next shoot
  • How to select the best wardrobes for your project
  • Why you need a makeup artist when shooting on green screen
  • Advice for aspiring makeup artists and wardrobe stylists
  • And more!

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