Multi-Camera Sketch Comedy and All That (with Michael Franks)

In today’s episode, we interview Michael Franks, television cinematographer for Nickelodeon’s reboot of the 90’s show, All That.

Michael shares stories from his early career at Saturday Night Live and how it prepared him for All That. Plus, insight on the grueling work schedule needed for a weekly sketch comedy show, lighting over 70 sets in 5 weeks, and the challenge of lighting for multiple cameras. Michael also shares his prefered camera and lens packages for the show, important skillsets for multi-camera cinematographers, and much more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why Michael started his career as a photographer
  • How Michael transitioned from photographer to filmmaker
  • Michael’s early career with NBC and Saturday Night Live
  • How Michael worked for 56 hours in just 4 days at Saturday Night Live
  • Michael shares how he lit over 70 sets in a span of just 5 weeks at SNL
  • Michael’s cinematography work on Nickelodeon’s reboot of All That
  • How Michael uses his experience on SNL as the cinematographer of All That
  • What equipment Michael’s team uses to ensure a successful multi-cam shoot
  • How Michael faces the challenge of lighting for multiple cameras
  • The camera and lens packages for All That
  • Creating the look and color of All That
  • Important skillsets for multi-camera cinematography
  • Michael’s work on Amazon’s Sigmund and the Sea Monster
  • And more!

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