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New Hope Film Festival (With Christina Crawford)

Ben heads down to the New Hope Film Festival and interviews directors, producers, actors and the Legendary author and now documentarian, Christina Crawford, author of “Mommie Dearest”.

You Will Learn:

  • Interview with Doug Whipple founder, New Hope Film Festival
  • Christine Farina Director of the documentary Gamer
  • Eleanor Wilson Director/Actress of short film Possum
  • Andy Strohl & Patryk Larney from Strohl Digital Productions talk about their award winning music video Old Coats by Barneby Bright
  • Thom Michael Mulligan, Director of Submissions for New Hope Film Festival
  • Christina Crawford and Producer Jerry Rosenberg talk about their documentary Surviving Mommie Dearest
  • How to submit to New Hope Film Festival
  • Music Videos and why it’s a valid artform for film festivals
  • What is New Hope PA all about?
  • Thanks to our amazing listeners, the Go Creative Show was featured on the iTunes “What’s Hot” list!!
  • And much more.


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