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New Sony, Canon, and Blackmagic Cameras (with Matthew Allard ACS)

We review the hottest new camera releases from Sony, Canon, and Blackmagic with Matthew Allard ACS of Newsshooter.

Matt and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss how COVID-19 has impacted trade shows, if the Sony A7S iii a worthy upgrade, Canon’s new EOS R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras and their overheating controversy, Blackmagic’s 12K Ursa Mini Pro camera, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Are trade shows a thing of the past? (02:28)
  • Thoughts on the newly announced Sony A7S iii (09:33)
  • Is the A7S worth the upgrade?
  • Canon’s new EOS R5 and R6 (31:01)
  • Is the Canon R5 truly 8K?
  • Should you purchase the Canon R5 or R6?
  • The incredible specs of the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K (43:05)
  • How the Teradek Serv Pro will help remote shoots (53:43)
  • And more!

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