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Podcasting 101 (With Daniel J. Lewis)

Today we speak with Daniel J. Lewis award winning entrepreneur, podcaster and consultant who has made a career teaching people how to produce, distribute and monetize their own podcasts. Consider today’s episode a FREE consultation with one of the best podcast consultants in the world. Plus Dan Chung from NewsShooter.com announces pricing and pre-order information for the new Arri Amira.

You Will Learn:

  • Daniel’s Noodle.mx podcast network
  • How to properly name your podcast
  • How often should you podcast
  • How to make money from your podcast
  • Tips for recording great audio
  • Compression techniques
  • How to get your podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and more
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for donations
  • And much more.



Kessler – Innovative Tools for Filmmaking

Rule Boston Camera – Buy. Rent. Create.

PremiumBeat – Exclusive Royalty-Free Music and Sound

NewsShooter – Making the real world look as good as cinema

The PremiumBeat.com Song of the Week

  • Listen to this week’s full track here: Lucky Strike By Reaktor Productions