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Preventing Camera Related Injuries (with Rick Macomber)

Today we speak with Rick Macomber, an Emmy Award winning Director of Photography and photojournalist for CBS News. We discuss camera related injuries caused by the common repetitive motions that most camera operators do every day. If you are a camera operator, you may be a risk for these damaging injuries and we discuss how to identify and prevent them.

You Will Learn:

  • Preventing Camera Related Injuries Blog Post
  • The camera man of the 80’s and how things have changed
  • The most common injuries for camera operators
  • What are the warning signs of RSI’s
  • What to expect if you need surgury
  • The hidden dangers of repetitive motion
  • Simple changes you can make to help avoid major injuries
  • Why the Letus Helix Jr may be the best gimbal option for you
  • 8mm film from the 70’s that Rick spoke about
  • Rick’s Vimeo Page
  • and more…



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