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Pulling off a Multi-City / Camera shoot for the NBA

Go Creative Show’s Ben Consoli and iFilmmaker Podcast’s Ariel Martinez discuss how they joined forces with creative director Mike Heid to produce the CITY TIES web series for New Era and the NBA. This incredibly ambitious shoot required 3 production crews in 3 different cities to film Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum,  Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro and host Quentin Richardson talking about the historic 19-20 NBA Season. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The logistics of a multi camera, multi city shoot through zoom
  • What to do when your camera goes down mid-shoot
  • Recovering damaged media
  • Working with celebrities
  • Tips for finding crews outside your area
  • What we look for in production crews
  • Shooting without a location scout
  • The relationship between ad agencies and production companies

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Production Crew

  • Mike Heid – Creative Director
  • Jim Buckley – Executive Producer
  • Ben Consoli – Producer
  • Ariel Martines – Cinematographer (Miami)
  • Chris Loughran – Cinematographer (Boston)
  • Francisco Hidalgo – Cinematographer (Orlando)