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Shooting Orange is the New Black (with Ludovic Littee)

Today we invite Ludovic Littee, director of photography for Orange is the New Black. We discuss this massive Netflix hit and Ludovic’s journey from First AC to camera operator to Director of Photography. What does a first AC really do, and why are they considered the unsung hero’s of production. We discuss it all.

You Will Learn:

  • Lighting techniques that promote realism and allow the actors to play
  • Why Barger Lights are being used on Orange is the new Black
  • Lighting for female characters with no makeup
  • Making the move from Alexa to Varicam 35. What are the pro’s and con’s
  • Making the move from Cooke lenses to Panavision Primo lenses
  • Moving the show from 2K to 4K and the future of 4K broadcast
  • The responsibilities of a First Assistant Camera
  • Why the future of a DIT could be bleak
  • Shooting Steve McQueens film “Shame”
  • and more…



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