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The Cinematography of Rogue One and LION (with Greig Fraser) GCS111

Greig Fraser is the visionary cinematographer behind the lens of Rogue One and LION and heโ€™s here today to talk about the surprising similarities between them.

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Spotlight: Greig Fraser

Greig Fraser is the visionary director of photography for two of this years most talked about films, the mega-hit and stunningly shot Rogue One, and the beautiful and heartfelt film LION. On the surface these films are drastically different, but Greig considers them surprisingly similar and shares some of his lighting and lensing choices to prove it. Greig and I discuss the challenges of shooting in India, the Arri Alexa 65, the benefits of vintage lenses and why he used the Digital Sputnick LED light on both films

  • The cinematography of LION
  • The challenges of shooting in India
  • How Greig uses Emotion Maps alongside storyboards
  • Handheld vs static shots
  • The cinematography of Rogue One
  • Shooting with the Arri Alexa 65
  • Working with Star Wars concept art
  • The colaboration with director Gareth Edwards
  • The behind the scenes story behind the Rogue One re-shoots
  • and much much more!



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