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Ted Lasso Cinematography (with David Rom)

Emmy award-winning comedy series TED LASSO follows an American football coach as he helps a struggling London soccer team. Cinematographer David Rom comes on to explain how they turned Jason Sudeikis’ successful shorts into a full blown TV series.

David and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss avoiding comedy visual stereotypes, fish-out-of-water cinematography style, pairing the Alexa LF with Tokina lenses, why they had to recreate the entire soccer field, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Avoiding comedy visual stereotypes (02:24)
  • Translating Jason Sudeikis’ shorts to a full series (04:54)
  • Lighting a locker room with only overhead lighting (08:21)
  • Approach to camera angle coverage (14:13)
  • Fish out of water cinematography (15:46)
  • Working with other cinematographers on a series (21:20)
  • Using the Alexa LF paired with Tokina lenses (23:53)
  • Challenges of shooting on location (27:32)
  • Recreating the pitch soccer field (30:24)
  • Shooting with such a shallow focus (37:28)
  • Why collaboration is so important (39:14)
  • “Panic attack” scene cinematic approach (40:45)
  • And more!

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