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The Cinematography of A Cure For Wellness (with Bojan Bazelli)

Bojan Bazelli is the brilliant and visionary cinematographer behind the new Gore Verbinski film A Cure For Wellness and we discuss all the secrets behind its iconic and challenging scenes.

You Will Learn:

  • Working with Gore Verbinski
  • The history behind the iconic castle location of A Cure For Wellness
  • Why Bojan chose the unique 1:66:1 aspect ratio
  • The camera and lenses used in A Cure for Wellness
  • Shooting wide angles and letting go of a cinematographers “visual instincts”
  • The challenges of shooting underwater
  • The genius of practical in-camera effects
  • The visual connection to The Ring
  • Shooting with dozens of real eels
  • The golden age of commercials
  • The challenges of working with an unfamiliar crew
  • and much much more!



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