The Cinematography of Fargo Season 3 (with Dana Gonzales) GCS123

Dana Gonzales, Cinematographer of Fargo and Legion joins Go Creative Show host and commercial director Ben Consoli


Visionary director of photography, Dana Gonzales returns to Go Creative Show to talk about Fargo Season 3 and how the look he developed for Legion inspired this new season.

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Spotlight: Dana Gonzales

Dana Gonzales is the brilliant director of photography for two of the most visually stunning television shows on today, FARGO and LEGION. On the surface, it may seem like these shows have nothing in common, but Dana shares the similarities between them and the other films and television shows that inspired the new look of Fargo Season 3.

  • The new look of Fargo Season 3
  • Danaโ€™s visual inspirations for the new Fargo
  • Danaโ€™s custom LUT
  • Shooting and coloring with Arri Raw with Alexa Mini
  • The benefits of 2:1 Ratio
  • The similarities between Fargo and Legion
  • Working with Ewan McGregor playing two characters
  • Working with a Technodolly for motion controlled camera movement
  • The biggest shooting challenges in season 3
  • Creating the Los Angeles look and comparing it to Minnesota
  • The benefits of keeping violence off screen
  • and much much more!



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