The Cinematography of Homeland (with David Klein) GCS104

Cinematographer David Klein on Go Creative Show


David Klein is the cinematographer of massive television hits like True Blood and Homeland, and he’s also shot many of the classic Kevin Smith movies like Clerks, Mall Rats, and Red State and he’s here to talk all about it.

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Spotlight: David Klein

David Klein’s work spans massive television hits and feature films including Homeland, True Blood and many of the classic Kevin Smith films. His love of realism has defined a generation of film making and he continues to execute it flawlessly with his work on Homeland. David talks with us about all his gear and lighting choices, shooting hand-held effectively and how the best film education is to simply shoot something.

  • Shooting Clerks, Mall Rats and more Kevin Smith movies
  • Being pushed out of the studio film system
  • The value of film school
  • Shooting Homeland around the world
  • How to create realism in film
  • Mixing LED and tungsten lighting
  • Arri Alexa VS Red
  • Shooting the manic state of Carrie Mathison
  • Shooting handheld vs shooting with an EZ rig
  • The cinematography of True Blood
  • Why on a TV show “your first idea better be the right one”
  • and much much more!
  • Cinematographer David Klein talks Homeland on Go Creative Show




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