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The Cinematography of Stranger Things (with Tim Ives)

Tim Ives is the visionary cinematographer behind this summers massive hit show Stranger Things and we discuss all the lighting and lensing techniques that give Stranger Things its retro-iconic look.

You Will Learn:

  • The cinematography of Stranger Things
  • How the 1990’s were the golden age of music videos
  • The parallel between film and music industries
  • Shooting TV Pilots
  • The title sequence and music of Stranger Things
  • Restraint in cinematography
  • Shooting on RED and Leica Summicron’s to create a retro 80’s look
  • Practical special effects and the floating artifacts of The Upside Down
  • Working with child actors
  • The cinematography of Girls and Mr. Robot
  • Capturing New York City as a cinematographer
  • and much much more!



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