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The Director’s Process (with Mike Pecci)

Go behind the scenes with commercial and film director, Mike Pecci, as he shares valuable information on his directing process!

Mike and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss what it’s like being a director, the importance of having experience in various roles on set, how Silicon Valley has influenced filmmaking, and tips that you can take with you on your next production.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Mike’s experience in the film industry (07:14)
  • Importance of having experience in various roles (14:07)
  • Why it’s good to be spontaneous on set (18:01)
  • The challenges of directing commercials (23:12)
  • Switching from commercials to films
  • How Silicon Valley has influenced filmmaking (40:33)
  • Behind the scenes of Mike’s Russian film 12KM (50:11)
  • How Mike almost died and how the led to creating 12KM
  • Mike’s creative way editing a film in a language he didn’t know!
  • Mike’s use of sound design in his work (01:09:14)
  • How Mike gets funding for his films (01:13:17)
  • Mike’s distribution process for his films (01:18:20)
  • And more!

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Listen to Mike’s podcast with Ben, In Love with the Process!

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