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The Northman Behind the Scenes (with Robert Eggers and Jarin Blaschke)

Director Robert Eggers and cinematographer Jarin Blaschke return to the Go Creative Show to discuss THE NORTHMAN. Listen as Robert and Jarin boldly and honestly share their struggles and victories while making the film.

Robert, Jarin, and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, break down the film’s fluid camera movement, how to expose for low light scenes, pros vs cons of large film crews, challenging actors with the raw elements of nature, multiple approaches to filming night exterior scenes, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Robert and Jarin’s careers have progressed since THE WITCH (01:14)
  • Why there’s lots of camera movement (05:31)
  • Can historical accuracy hinder a project? (12:01)
  • Challenges of the firey raid sequence (16:41)
  • How to expose for low light scenes (20:53)
  • Working through complex setups on set (23:06)
  • Why larger crews can be more frustrating (31:25)
  • How a “clean” look was achieved (34:06)
  • Different ways of approaching night scenes (39:54)
  • Working with actors in the raw elements outdoors (47:03)
  • Filming with smoke and fire on set (51:18)
  • Different ways of incorporating visual effects (52:50)
  • Biggest lessons learned filming THE NORTHMAN (55:52)
  • And more!

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