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The White Lotus Season 2 Cinematography (with Xavier Grobet ASC AMC)

THE WHITE LOTUS season 2 director of photography Xavier Grobet, ASC, AMC joins us to discuss the pro’s and con’s of filming in a real hotel in Sicily, creating realistic sex scenes, shooting day for night, and more.  Xavier tells Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli all about his camera and lens choices and how he paid homage to Monica Vitti’s classic Italian films.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Paying homage to italian films (01:20)
  • Challenges of filming in a real hotel (04:08)
  • Visually approaching season 2 (09:17)
  • Lighting and lensing for filming exteriors in Sicily (11:43)
  • Lighting the environment for maximum camera co… (17:02)
  • Xavier’s Camera and Lens Choices (19:11)
  • What makes filming sex scenes so difficult (23:33)
  • Building suspense with cinematography (31:26)
  • Tanya and the yacht massacre (35:58)
  • Why DPs are ultimately probelm solvers (40:18)
  • Shooting night for night (42:56)
  • And more!