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Toy Time (with Sarah Baskin)

Today I’m joined by Sarah Baskin, senior brand manager at Leapfrog. Sarah is a toy marketer who produces tv commercials, web videos and transmedia stories for the children’s toy industry. Sarah shares tips on marketing to kids and moms, directing children on set and her previous career writing for The Apprentice and other hit reality shows.

You Will Learn:

  • What is trans-media storytelling?
  • The state of today’s toy industry
  • Directing kids
  • How to market towards kids and parents
  • Why Sarah was named the Diane Saywer of the internet
  • Writing for The Apprentice and other reality tv shows
  • What is a viral video really?
  • Surviving Death and the tv shows that don’t make it to air/span>
  • Sarah’s latest commercial for LeapReader
  • Sarah’s latest commercial for Read With Me Scout
  • And much more.



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