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Visual Storytelling (with Alex Buono)

Today I’m joined by Alex Buono, cinematographer, director and Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live’s Film Unit. Alex shares stories from some of the most iconic and challenging SNL shorts as well as his brand new Visual Storytelling 2 tour.

You Will Learn:

  • Visual Storytelling 2 tour and what you can expect to learn
  • Adding subtext to your film
  • Why art direction is the unsung hero of all films
  • Breaking down a visual style
  • Behind the scenes stories from some of the most iconic SNL shorts
  • Embracing imperfection
  • Working with editor, Adam Epstein
  • The upcoming show “Documentary Now” and working with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader
  • Why the look is in the lens, not the camera
  • and more…



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