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Winning New Clients & Working With In-House Production Agencies (with Joe Serra and Ken Volk)

Get a rare look at how in-house production agencies function with the team from Kronos, plus tips on winning new clients! Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, talks to Joe Serra, lead producer, and Ken Volk, senior director of creative brand at Kronos. Together they run an in-house production team that handles everything from internal productions to working with vendors, like BC Media Productions, to produce bigger productions.

Learn the benefits of working with in-house production teams, how they compare to traditional advertising agencies, tips for winning new clients, plus best practices for approaching budget, sending lead generating emails, and much more.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The benefits of having an in-house production team
  • What it’s like working for an in-house production team
  • Why Joe left a big agency to work for Kronos’ internal production agency
  • How to know if you should work for an in-house production team or external agency
  • How to know what to pitch to in-house agencies
  • Best practices for approaching budget
  • How to pitch yourself to new clients
  • Best practices for sending emails to leads
  • How to approach post-production with clients
  • Tips for working with in-house production agencies
  • And more!

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