Mix to Pix (With Matt Russell and Matt Allard) GCS022


Mix to Pix (With Matt Russell and Matt Allard)


Today we speak with Matt Russell, musician, producer and audio-for-picture engineer who’s worked with national recording artists and some of the largest companies in the world. We discuss the marriage between audio and video, his personal workflow and how you can get a better mix on your own projects. Plus Matt Allard from NewsShooter.com joins us to talk about the new Sony 4K consumer camera and the truth behind 2K raw recording with the Odyssey 7Q.

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  • Listen to this week’s full track here: Full Circle by Peter McIssac Music

Spotlight: Matt Russell, Audio for Picture Engineer

Matt Russell is a musician, producer and audio for picture engineer who’s worked with national recording artists and some of the largest companies in the world. As a graduate from the Berklee College of Music, Matt has both a love and understanding of music plus a a great talent for mixing and engineering. With nearly 15 years in the industry Matt’s audio for picture work has been booming, mixing for countless short films, corporate videos and television commercials for some of the largest brands in the world. Matt shares his workflow and techniques, explains just how important EQ, Compressors and De-noisers are, and offers simple tips to help your projects sound much better. Every project that is produced through my company BC Media Productions is mixed by Matt and he also mixes the Go Creative Show

  • The essential audio plugins
  • Why you need to understand compression
  • The power of De-noising
  • Tips for capturing better audio on-set
  • Tips for mixing better audio
  • Simple tools you can use to make your own projects sound better
  • Stock Music tips
  • Matt’s favorite microphones
  • And much more.



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Ben Consoli

Ben Consoli

Host of Go Creative Show & Director, Videographer, Editor and Owner at BC Media Productions
A multi-talented producer and visual storyteller, Ben Consoli’s credits range from director of photography, editor, director, and video producer to songwriter, composer, and former lead singer of the rock band “Violet Nine.” As owner of BC Media Productions, Ben has produced award-winning commercials and brand videos for companies like Nike, Puma, Verizon, Gillette and Pillsbury. Learn more about BC Media Productions


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    Thanks, as a respected colleague suggested your site but I will not listen to a one-hour show without a transcript, as I’m an information seeker and I’m not here for the entertainment value, which yes, could be a bonus. I prefer to scan first, read and listen, plus go to selected points in the interview, at my convenience, to listen and re-listen to specific ideas.

    Am I asking too much? Hardly.

    I suggest you check out TED.com, which runs interactive transcripts in some 35-40 languages, which addressed ADA, ESL and SEO audiences.

    We adopted their style albeit in US English only, which has been wildly successful for our clients:


    Meet listeners where they are act, accommodate their diverse needs and tastes, make the site “stickier,” all while assisting folks who blog, share, and archive. You are leaving money on the table, listeners in the dark and people like me coming in via a referral, turned-off.

  2. says

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the great audio focused show. Been enjoying the show for a long time and as a VO artist and budding producer I appreciated the spotlight being pointed at audio in the this week’s show. Audio certainly is at least 50% of the video experience if not more and makes a big difference in video projects.

    I wanted to throw my $.02 in and support the choice to bump the file size up to maintain production quality. Your show always sounds great, and for a show about production I think that’s important. Your audio quality on your show lends credibility to everything you do on it, and that’s important for all producers to remember.

    Thanks for keeping your standards high and helping the rest of us out in the process.


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