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American Horror Story Double Feature Cinematography (with Andrew Mitchell)

AMERICAN HORROR STORY DOUBLE FEATURE cinematographer Andrew Mitchell had a massive challenge to overcome: how to film two unique stories with distinct looks in a cohesive way. Learn his visual approach for each half of the season and how he transitioned from camera operator to DP.

Andrew and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss the essential skills every DP should have, using visual effects and clever editing to fake Sarah Paulson being on set, converting color to black and white, and so much more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Working with Ryan Murphy (01:04)
  • Transitioning from camera operator to DP (02:57)
  • Skills a DP should have (15:03)
  • Muted cold visual approach to Part 1 (18:27)
  • LUTs affecting skin tones (24:43)
  • Filming Sarah Paulson scenes without her (30:03)
  • Using Helios tubes for fire scenes (32:14)
  • Shooting Belle’s massacre at 96 fps (35:48)
  • Shooting on the Sony Venice with diopters (39:03)
  • Converting color to black and white (41:57)
  • Referencing CLOSE ENCOUNTERS for Part 2 (47:06)
  • Blooming effect using filtration (50:48)
  • And more!

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