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Beau is Afraid Cinematography (with Pawel Pogorzelski)

Cinematographer Pawel Pogorzelski returns to Go Creative Show to discuss his latest film Beau Is Afraid and his collaboration with director Ari Aster. Pawel shares his experience filming with the Sony Venice and Rialto extension system, how he creates a cohesive palette for the film’s many different looks, and the lens and lighting choices that gave Beau Is Afraid its many unique and surreal looks. We also answer audience questions and take a deep dive into how Pawel creates “vulnerability” in his cinematography.

Pawel does his best to explain what the film is about, but after watching the 3-hour odyssey and our interview with Pawel, we still aren’t completely sure… maybe that’s the point? Regardless of your understanding, or even opinion of the movie, this interview will inspire and educate film enthusiasts and movie fans alike.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How BEAU IS AFRAID was pitched to Pawel (01:31)
  • Camera techniques to show anxiety (06:15)
  • Using wide lenses (12:37)
  • The different looks of BEAU IS AFRAID (16:27)
  • Using an LED wall for the cruise ship scenes (22:35)
  • Why the Sony Venice was the best choice (30:46)
  • Relationship with camera operators (37:08)
  • Not putting yourself in a genre box with cinematography (40:11)
  • Pawel’s philosophy as a cinematographer (42:14)
  • And more!

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