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Being a Hollywood Gaffer (with Mike Moyer)

Legendary gaffer of Fargo, Risky Business, Breakfast Club, Steel Magnolias, Gilmore Girls, and more Mike Moyer joins us to share stories and advice from his 40+ years in the film industry.

Mike and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss why gaffers should have theater experience, his lighting philosophy for different film genres, hilarious behind the scenes stories from some of the biggest films and tv shows in history, the impact that coronavirus has had on production, and so much more.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 impact on production (02:38)
  • Benefits of being in the union (08:14)
  • Why it’s valuable to work in theater (15:22)
  • What the role of a gaffer is (17:00)
  • How lighting equipment has changed over the years (19:59)
  • Motivating colored light sources (30:34)
  • How Mike lights a scene (35:04)
  • Lighting for specific genres (48:04)
  • The films Mike enjoyed working on (56:31)
  • Breaking into the industry (01:08:53)
  • And more!

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One comment on “Being a Hollywood Gaffer (with Mike Moyer)

  1. Jacolyn Bucksbaum says:

    Loved the episode. I loved hearing about manipulating light.

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