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Boardwalk Inspire (With David Franco, DP of Boardwalk Empire)

Today we speak with David Franco, the brilliant Director of Photography for Boardwalk Empire talking about his career, shooting techniques and of course an insiders perspective on Boardwalk Empire. Plus Mike Sutton from Rule Boston Camera comes by to talk about his experience with the MOVI.

You Will Learn:

  • David Franco talks about is brilliant work as Director of Photography for Boardwalk Empire
  • Lighting with windows.. Lazy, or liberating
  • When to move the camera
  • Headroom and shooting into ceilings
  • How David turns present day NYC into the 1920’s
  • How David went from music videos to film to the golden age of TV
  • Shooting Game of Thrones
  • The color grading workflow of Boardwalk Empire
  • And much more.



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