Building a Filmmaking Community (with Ron Dawson) GCS066

Ron Dawson Filmmaker on Go Creative Show


Today filmmaker Ron Dawson and I talk about running a production company. We discuss the challenges and rewards of commercial and corporate video, how to make your company stand out among the competition, and Ron’s philosophy of Collaborative Leveraging and how it could bring you the creative work you desire.

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Spotlight: Ron Dawson

Ron Dawson is an award-winning filmmaker, new media producer, content marketer, speaker, coach, and author. With over a decade in the production industry he has created successful new media and content marketing campaigns for such companies Apple and Adobe. Ron also writes about the art & business of filmmaking & photography at Much of Ron’s success is based on this idea of Collaborate Leveraging and we discuss how this technique may be able to give your business a boost.

  • The jump from wedding video to corporate.
  • How to discuss budget with a new customer
  • The creativity of corporate work
  • What is “collaborative leveraging”
  • Ron’s experience shooting in India
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Strategies for shooting internationally
  • How becoming an “Idea Company” helps Ron stand out among other production companies
  • Are creative aggregation sites like SmartShoot your competition
  • SoundandSea.TV and #ImprovJam/span>
  • and more…



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