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CODA Cinematography (with Paula Huidobro)

CODA cinematographer, Paula Huidobro, discusses the Oscar-winning film and unique challenges of filming actors using sign language. Plus, her thoughts on the Will Smith slap incident.

Paula and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, share techniques for lighting natural looking interiors, letting the camera take a back seat, embracing harsh sunlight and the cinematic beauty of New England. We also talk about how she captured the 1980s with her work on the show PHYSICAL.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • CODA’s Oscar win and reaction to Will Smith slap (01:23)
  • How sign language affects cinematography (06:27)
  • Realistic approach to lighting interiors (13:14)
  • How the Sony Venice allowed for low light cinematography (20:38)
  • Capturing the Look of New England (24:45)
  • Why all boat scenes were shot in the ocean (28:45)
  • Embracing harsh sunlight for exteriors (32:15)
  • Go-to lighting fixtures and filtration (37:26)
  • Shooting the 1980s period comedy drama PHYSICAL (40:37)
  • Taking a backseat approach to shooting CODA (45:53)
  • And more!

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