Costume Design Demystified (with Nadine Haders)

Nadine Haders joins us to discuss the artistry and logistics of costume designer for film and television plus, Erik Naso from Newsshooter and I discuss the Red Hydrogen announcement.

You Will Learn:

  • Nadine’s work on Get Out
  • Working with Jordan Peele
  • How a costume designer presents ideas to a director
  • The importance of the colors blue and red in ‘Get Out’
  • Working with a color pallet in wardrobe design
  • How do you build a character through wardrobe
  • The similarities between ‘Get Out’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’
  • Creating a cult through color
  • Nadines work on HBO’s ‘Six Feet Under’
  • The details on the RED Hydrogen
  • The pre-order culture and what it means for the production industry
  • and much much more!



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The Song of the Week

  • Listen to this weeks full track: Twilight Hours by Reaktor Productions

One comment on “Costume Design Demystified (with Nadine Haders)

  1. laura lynn smith says:

    I’m thrilled in her success. We were friends as kids. No real explosion. She is very magnetic & I remember a lot. Art was our draw. She expressed outwardly creating a beautiful career & life. I used my talents inwardly to help me survive.

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