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Deconstructing Stranglers (with Portland Helmich)

You may know Portland Helmich as the host, producer and writer for the hugely successful podcast Stranglers. But you may not know that she’s also an actress, television host, and writer / producer at Northern Lights Productions. Portland and Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli, dive deep into producing and hosting the hit podcast Stranglers, plus tips for conducting better interviews, producing long-form documentary for tv, film and audio, and a big discussion about alternative healing. 

You Will Learn:

  • Writing and hosting the podcast Stranglers
  • Tips and trick to conduct better and more revealing interviews
  • Why are people captivated by true-crime stories
  • Tips on enhancing an audio documentary by describing visuals
  • Portlands work as an actress and talk show host
  • Portland’s interest in and dedication to alternative healing
  • and much much more!



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