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Devotion Cinematography (with Erik Messerschmidt, ASC)

DEVOTION director of photography Erik Messerschmidt, ASC shares the incredible way most of the fighter plane shots were captured practically. Plus, we discuss the visual approach to the film, the advantage of using custom lenses over filtration, the disadvantages to using an LED volume, and so much more.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Creating a muted look to DEVOTION (03:41)
  • How the plane sequences were shot practically (09:31)
  • Filming the oner aerial crash scene (20:38)
  • Using custom lenses with the RED Komodo (26:12)
  • Two different visual worlds – military and family life (29:33)
  • How to decide on lens focal length (33:12)
  • Visual approach to France scenes (40:52)
  • Pressure for historical accuracy (43:21)
  • Filming with the LED volume (46:43)
  • Why it’s important for theaters to have good projectors (50:21)
  • And more!