Directing Music Videos (with Grant Singer) GCS133

Music video director Grant Singer with Ben Consoli on Go Creative Show


Filmmaker Grant Singer is widely regarded as one of the words premier music video directors and he’s on the show to talk all about his experiences.

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Named “the best music video director in the world” by Stereogum in 2016, Grant Singer has directed visually stunning works of music video art for artists including The Weeknd, Skrillex, Lorde, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and many more. He’s also directed some of the most engaging advertisements circulating today. We dive deep into music video and commercial industry, discussing securing clients, managing agency relationships, the expectations of record label and how sometimes the biggest pop stars allow the most creative freedom.

  • A directors creative process
  • The challenges and rewards of working with celebrities
  • Balancing the artists wishes with the record labels demands
  • Working with a director of photography to get the look you want
  • Grant’s focus on color pallets
  • Helping an artist speak to their audience through a video
  • and much much more!



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